Are you a graduate, else a postgraduate? Well it doesn't matter. The main thing that matters here is nothing but do you have a job?

This is really a mind bobbling situation and thus, you can easily witness  majority of our youth being JOBLESS. In case you are also striving to get a job despite of having a degree, you need to get some advise or there is a great need for you to search for all the reasons that are stopping you from attaining your dream job.

India, also witnessed as an ' Educational hub' is also undoubtedly a hub of Unemployment not only for the adults but also the youngsters. If we have a look upon some of the surveys and the consequent reports, it has been concluded that 13.3% of the students in the age group of 15-29 are not able to get even a single job.


After independence, it was really ensured that not even a single person in our country will be a victim of massive unemployment but here this statement is seen taking a really different turn. In many Indian states that might incorporate Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu which are considered to be having the most number of educated people is facing the unemployment issues.


I think the main problem that stands behind this educated unemployment is nothing but the 'defection education system. All the graduates and the post-graduates pinned by this system come out with the sole intention of finding jobs in varied Government offices with a salary they are not even worthy of. The just want to work as the petty clerks who get a salary that is ten times less than what they can willingly get from any other company that suits their education and the college degree.


Apart from this, mass unemployment is also a result of the lack of industrial and technical training. In India, we can rarely find good quality technical and engineering institutions. As long as there is no facilitation of the finest college for such training, we cannot expect our educated population to get a purposeful job for themselves. In case, India has some rare technical colleges, they are too costly. A middle class and a lower-middle-class family cannot afford to get their kids admitted in these expensive institutions. Thus, it can easily be concluded that getting proper in our country is a not so inexpensive affair.


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