Programming is considered synonymous with Computer Engineering.

Cracking codes and debugging skills are often entitled under professional requisites, and seem to have greater scope. However, this is not likely the case.

It doesn’t mean that people who do not belong to a Computer science background or lack knowledge of computer languages, cannot have a progressive future. There are some minds made to exploring beyond codes, who prefer Indulging in non -programming fields such as Data Analyst, Software Testing etc ., will not only upgrade your technical efficiency but also grant a sense of satisfaction about excelling in something which is their forte.

They are too fast growing career options in engineering, attaining equal potential and pay scale.

Here’s calling all non-coding geeks to refer some comprehensive details regarding career options.


1.Project Manager: If you master management skills and wish to co-ordinate the work of others , this field is best suited for you .


2.ERP Functional Consultant: Sometimes memorizing things accurately serves as a beneficial quality. There are fields governing accurate informations which have to be memorised and thus can be a good career based field for you.

This may be a tough nut to crack since the companies employ candidates who possess leveled expertise.

Some prestigious employers are: Oracle and SAP


3.Business Analyst: If you have a great analytical mind with managerial acumen, convinced enough to make other people follow your planned routine, you might be capable for this job.

For instance, you are the monitor of the class and your duty is to escort all students to a workshop after lunch. You will make sure everyone is in the class before departure, take their roll calls, instruct them about the paraphernalia to be taken, inform the teachers about the same and reach the lecture room in time. If you are able to coordinate all these activities without hindrance then Business Analyst is your call.


4.Product Manager: Perfectionism is what people usually want in their life.

This thought when applied in work environment, encourage those people to make better things or products as small as they may be. If you have that commitment to amend things for better, in you, Product manager is suitable.


5.Data Analyst: If you like exploring the web and snooping in other’s work or keeping a track of their activities, Data analyst is where you may place yourself career-wise . But, this requires heavy SQL (database management including strict programming ). It may have to be learned for better results.


6.Software testing: This job includes fair distinguishing power. If you can observe contrasts well, go for it. Although there is a linked stream of software testing - automation which demands to code, you aren’t entitled to codes in depth. Like, you may have to face it in general terms.


7.Technical Writer: If you command writing skills and like to indulge in preparing assignments, this job is preferable.

It basically involves Documenting.


8.User Interface designer: Graphic experts and photoshop proficients are best suited for such jobs. If you have a great interest in multimedia and  Web designing, you may definitely opt for this.

Extended features of Photoshop and graphic designing are used.


9.Online Marketing Content Writer: If you possess fair manipulative skills and envelope the others to make them agree on your decisions, you are certainly eligible. You can have a deep influence upon others and pen down all about it, this is meant for you. Halt! This profession does expect you to do some HTML and CSS.


10.IT Support Specialist: If you have a proper idea of the efficient functioning of the computer and have fixed some computers by undoing problems like virus , this job is an appropriate option.