Q1) What is Lakshat?

Lakshat is a platform, which helps students/professionals:

  • Bridge the gaps between present classroom learnings and professional expectations
  • Conduct problem solving exercises
  • Realise outcomes in internships/projects/ideas
  • Network with relevant stream experts, etc.

Q2) What services Lakshat offers?

Visit :- http://www.lakshat.com/OurServices

Q3) How to be a part of Lakshat?

One can join lakshat as a mentor or as a mentee. As mentee u need to perform the following steps:

  1. Sign up from www.lakshat.com/signup
  2. Verify E-mail. Follow the instructions therein.
For mentor u need to perform the same steps mentioned above. In case of any difficulty, with above steps, please write to email: [email protected] for clarification.

Q4) Is it for people living in Lucknow only?

No, It’s available for all the students and professionals around the world. Anybody, requiring its services, can connect with lakshat working groups, through video chat (skype, Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, etc.), phone calls, emails, messaging, etc.

Q5) I have registered, but I did not get any information from Lakshat OR the registration system at lakshat is not working?

  • Please send a mail to [email protected]
  • Please also mention your queries in maximum 200words in the email, along with your contact details.

Q6) Is there any last date to apply?

As such there is no last date. You can join lakshat any time. But if there is any calender provided by your college/institute, you should contact lakshat to avoid any last minute rush to fulfil the internship requirements of your college/institution. In case you need further help, Pl send us your query at [email protected] OR to [email protected]

For Students

Q1) How Lakshat can help undergraduates?

Lakshat can help an undergraduate student in his studies: concepts, internship, communication skills, and profession readiness. During his summer training, the student can get mentoring on preparing for seminar, paper writing, report writing, reasoning, problem solving, project ideas, etc.

Q2) How Lakshat can help Postgraduates?

Lakshat can help a post graduate student by providing mentoring (and even subject specific guidance in typical cases) on all aspects of their research. Also senior students will get opportunity to mentor younger students and a chance to earn also, while learning. In addition, PG students will get all help, which is provided to a UG student.

Q3) How to join Lakshat as mentee?

It’s a very simple 2 step process:

  1. Fill the registration form.
  2. Verify E-mail.

Q4) Is there any registeration fees?

Pl send us your query at [email protected]

Q5) How it will help in enhancing my CV?

We provide you Internship or skills development like how to write professional reports/ research papers and how to network with industry, which will help you further.

Q6) Do we need to visit there to attend our classes?

No, it’s not necessary. ( please see terms and conditions for charges, if any).

Q7) Is there something like distance learning?

Yes, but the distance learning and e-mentoring methods at Lakshat are not similar to the conventional distance learning methods. Online interaction with mentor ( atleast 2 times a week) and review ( minimum once a week) are part of regular periodic activity.

Q8) I am a student of engineering. My own college conducts and arranged internship or project work. What will be the advantage by getting mentoring from Lakshat on such projects

Lakshat will help you complete that project in a much improved way.:

  • Lakshat can help you refine the objectives of the project matching with professional standards.
  • The regular periodic interaction with buddy/active mentors will help you quick shared learning. Periodic interaction with senior or veteran mentors will help get global industry perspectives. The process for improving the quality of your report and conducting seminars through art of questioning will lift your presentations to that of global standards.
  • your faculty will also benefit from interaction with lashat experts and hence will be able to guide you better for your projects.
  • Above processes are applicable for all students from all streams.

Q9) My choice of internship topic is related to Medical Science/Bio-Technology/Pharmacy. Do you have relevant stream experts/subject experts to guide me?

We do not have experts at the senior or veteran mentor level for above streams at present. We are working to get such experts on our panel. If you can connect us to such an expert, it will be beneficial to you and to other students as well. You will get suitable acknowledgement, for the same.

We do have buddy mentors/active mentors for such streams.

  • Nevertheless, Lakshat will be able to mentor you on aspects, which are not too much subject specific and common for all streams, e.g. methodology of doing research on the topic, report/thesis writing skills, giving seminars, plagiarism, art of questioning, etc.
  • If you are ready to carry out self-study with /without the help of your own faculty in your own institution, Lakshat will certainly help you bring out good quality research report/paper.

Q10) How working at Lakshat, make us industrial ready?

As here you learn about your internship objective , your research study and standards at industries. As we the only platform with mentors having strong exposure to industry, education and research at national and international level.

Q11) How Lakshat provide us experiential Learning?

Lakshat provides you experiential learning as through projects identified during interaction with relevant industry and experts.

Q12) The service provide at Lakshat is interest bound or time bound?

Lakshat is totally an interest bound platform , you can join it whenever you want to enhance your knowledge or skills only If the student is not bounded with their college calendars.

Q13) Can we earn through lakshat?

Pl. send your queries related to this at: [email protected] with your Curriculum vitae(CV)

Q14) Can you help me in career counselling?

Yes , we provide career counselling’s either and make you interact with experts.