Our Story

What would you wish for if you end up in the edge of a road and your dream destination is on the other end? Probably a bridge or a platform, some experienced mentors and guides to guide you, and your education and skills comprising your wisdom. Are we right? Yes! Then in this world of competition and race of life, why to wait and start late. We are here to provide you with the platform you are looking for.

The name Lakshat is derived from two words Lakshya(Objective/Mission) and Akshat (Intact/Undisturbed). Lakshat is an effort to involve individuals or groups (students, researchers, professionals, technologists, and organizations) to redefining their Lakshya based upon their strength and available opportunities and then make it Akshat, without getting disturbed by VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) in society and in mind.

Our tagline is “Keeping Your Mission Intact”

“We provide flexibility to our students to plan their study time. They can access the course 24/7.”

Who We Are

Lakshat, a team of young, ambitious and enthusiastic people who are here with a platform with professionals to help you gain practical exposure. We, at Lakshat, provide you with trained professionals, skilled mentors, experienced guides, help you avail knowledgeable internship programs and hence completing your education to help you get your dream job.

We, at Lakshat, help you to attain new skills, polish them to finesse and prepare you for the never-ending race, LIFE.

Our tagline is “Keeping Your Mission Intact”

Our Mission

As an individual, we all aspire to excel in our chosen areas of work and live a life of happiness coupled with prosperity. The surroundings around us, be it peer driven or nature driven, provide opportunities and challenges. We as good observers, sometimes helped by resources, utilise these opportunities and challenges to excel and prosper, as well as live happily.

The above process is true for a school/ college going student, for a professional and for an individual, looking for peace. The mission of this platform is to provide a situation, which can address above aspirations of each individual, we interact

Meet Our Team

Muhammed Altamash


Piyush Ranjan Dubey


Vishwam Gupta